How to care for your windows?

Congratulations on your purchase of wooden windows!

Modern wooden windows are energy efficient, eco-friendly, comfortable to use, aesthetic and are characterized by exceptional durability. Your new wooden windows are protected by a system of high-quality coatings, offering woodwork users a number of advantages:
• effective wood protection against destructive effects of weather (sun, water, temperature changes) and biological factors (weakening of the growth of algae, lichen, mould, preventing dry rotting and destruction by insects)
• high water vapour permeability (prevent the accumulation of moisture in the wood)
• hardness in combination with flexibility (resistance to hail, swelling and shrinking of wood)
• enhanced resistance to dirt (easy to clean, resistant to damage with cleaning fluids)
• enhanced resistance to bases (protection against damage during assembly)
• people and the environment- friendly (water-based, manufactured in accordance with EU environmental regulations)
• UV protection (wood does not decay, the colours will not fade and turn yellow)

Despite the use of cutting-edge coatings and consequent long period of warranty, which we provide. In order to fulfil their function and decorate the house for many years, wooden windows should be subject to regular maintenance by the user. Sun and rain are the greatest enemies of wooden windows. In the wood exposed to water, wind, temperature changes small cracks appear through which water penetrates into inside, which can cause the blue stains and degradation of protective coatings.

Pain coating maintenance

Twice a year (preferably before summer and winter period) wooden window area should be thoroughly cleaned from dust, traces of insects and other impurities using a mild detergent and water. This should be done not only for aesthetic reasons, but also so that the dirt does not damage the paint coat. After cleaning, we apply care emulsion on the frames. Caution! Most of the products for cleaning glass contains ammonium chloride. The remains of ammonium chloride after cleaning windows or door glass must be removed, preferably using clean water. Wipe dry the components with a soft cloth.

Recommended agents for the care of the woodwork:

Cleaning product: Teknoclean 1951-00* effectively removes dirt, grease and other contaminants from
the wood surface

Maintenance product: GORI 690-31 Surface Maintenance*. Provides a new shine and protects
surfaces destroyed by sunlight, rain and frost, but does not replace the traditional restoration of damaged coating

*products available in showrooms of POZBUD T&R

Window technical condition and coating check

Window seals should be once a year wiped with talcum powder to prevent their sticking to the paintedsurface.We also check the adhesion of the silicone to the glass.

Checking the technical condition of coatings on a regular basis lets you quickly detect any damage. Coating condition should be checked each time after the hailstorm because the impact of ice crystals can damage the surface. When checking the condition of the coating you should also check if there are cracks in the joint filler. If such damage is noticed, the filler should be completely removed and filled in again. Any cracks, chipping, flaking of coatings should be immediately repaired by you or specialized staff. Maintenance carried out in a timely manner will prevent the damage increase, and as a result save your time and let you avoid unnecessary costs. Properly cleaned, cared for and regularly inspected paint coatings should undergo renovation when you notice that the layer of paint has become thinner, or if you notice microcracks in it.

Hardware maintenance

Your windows are equipped with hardware of Roto, Siegenia or GU manufacturers. Thanks to it, your windows are characterized by lightness and ease of use and, above all, by durability. Regular lubrication and oiling (at least once a year) of all essential, from the point of view of the functioning, hardware components on the sash and frame will ensure smooth operation of the hardware and protect it against premature wear. Anti-theft steel catches require regular lubrication to prevent abrasion. Be careful to remove impurities before lubricating. Grease or machine oil, free of resins and acids, available in specialized retail outlets should be used. In addition, you should regularly check the stability of bolted joints. Damaged and loose screws must be replaced immediately.

In case of any doubt or to order the service, please contact the local representative or factory service.


• never turn the handle when the sash is open or tilted, turning is only permitted when the sash completely adheres to the window frame!

• no additional stress should be applied to the window sash;

• the sash must not be pushed against the frame in the open position of 180o, this may cause the sash to come off the track;

• do not insert any object between the sash and the window frame;

• during strong wind, do not leave the window open;

• mind your fingers, do not put the hand between the sash and frame when closing;

• do not leave children alone with the window open, lock it with a key or use the tilt first function;

* Use only grease or machine oil, free of resins and acids

Hardware maintenance
Hardware maintenance
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