Managament Board


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fot. W. Robakowski

Tadeusz Andrzejczak - President of The Management Board .
The Company POZBUD T&R S.A. has evolved directly from the family enterprise established by Mr Ryszard Andrzejak. In 1975 has been founded the carpenter's workshop with two employees. In 1983 the founder handed the company over to his son Tadeusz Andrzejak who increased employment to 4-5 employees and then in 1995 transformed the workshop into POZ-OKNA company with seat in Złotniki near Poznań.
On 18th July 2002, Tadeusz Andrzejak and Roman Andrzejak have established POZ OKNA Sp. z o.o. with seat in Złotniki. The share capital amounted 100.000 PLN and was divided into 200 equal shares, 500 PLN each share. Mr Tadeusz Andrzejak has been appointed the President of the Management Board and Mr Roman Andrzejak has been appointed Vice-President of the Management Board.

fot. W. Robakowski

Roman Andrzejak - Vice-President of the Management Board 

Since 1992 utill 1998, Mr Roman Andrzejak has been managing his own carpenter's workshop with 10 employees. Since 1998 he was working for POZ-OKNA and that year he was appointed the proxy of POZ-BUD PCV Magdalena Andrzejak, manufacturer of PCV windows.

Supervisory Board

  1. Wojciech Prentki - Chirman of the Supervisory Board
  2. Bartosz Andrzejak - Member of the Supervisory Board
  3. Edward Kozicki - Member of the Supervisory Board
  4. Wojciech Komer - Member of the Supervisory Board
  5. Marek Tomaszewski - Member of the Supervisory Board
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