Wooden roller shutters

For all those who appreciate not only the functionality but also the visual effect. It is the perfect solution for stylish houses where the shutters ensure peace, improve security and decorate the facade of each building, as well as protect against the sun, snow and wind. We make roller shutters of high-quality solid wood (meranti prime select, pine, oak), and a wide range of designs and colours from our colour palette provide the perfect match for our windows - the same material and the same colour.

Shutters are manufactured in Roto Fentro 200 system, which offers a very wide range of hinge types that allow the installation on various types of facades and door jambs. When installing the shutters a crank system can be used which eliminates the need to open the window to raise or close the shutter.

By using special screws the shutter hinges cannot be unscrewed from the outside, just as hinge pins cannot be dismantled with closed shutters.

All hardware is painted with special paint which in combination with adjustment screws made of stainless steel provides protection against destructive weather factors for many years.

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