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Wood is a showpiece of a house

Wood creates unlimited possibilities of shaping the front door appearance. Regardless of whether we like simple, modern look or rich forms, ornaments and arches. You can conjure up almost anything from wood.

The doors are made of selected wood using the modern production process which provides high accuracy machining and finishing. The result is a durable and comfortable door confirming its highest quality from the first contact.

Wood is a showpiece of a house


Depending on the internal structure used, we get either more modern (panel door) or classic (frame and panel door) external shapes

With their freely customised form, the doors perfectly serve their purpose. Their layered structure provides rigidity and durability. Wood used to build the frame is carefully selected, glued in layers while controlling the grain arrangement, and properly secured with lacquers. The door does not warp or deform under heat. To provide the structural strength of panel doors, we use aluminium profiles that stabilise the leaf. We also care about the selection of appropriate insulating materials inserted into the construction. Of course, the door thickness can be customized from 68, 78, 88 to 92 and 100 mm in some cases.



Wooden doors can be additionally protected with aluminium on the outside. Such doors are even more resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Thus they convince even the biggest sceptics.

Modern methods of aluminium treatment offer a great freedom of shape forming. It is even possible to achieve the effect of a classic door in retro style. However, aluminium is particularly well suited for simple, modern shapes.

For many people the advantage of aluminium is its cool, modern look that matches contemporary design trends. But as in the case of wooden doors, they are available in virtually any colours from RAL colour chart, dedicated wood-like patterns and a variety of metallic and matt colours.

Energy saving

With the advanced design, the doors meet the requirements imposed on the modern energy-saving construction. They perfectly protect against heat loss and are very tight - this is especially important in homes with increasingly popular supply and exhaust ventilation.

All doors have a low aluminium threshold which can be optionally equipped with a thermal break.

For very demanding customers, we also offer Thermosafe 100 passive doors.


Modern and safe locks

As in the case of windows, for our doors we use only top-class hardware. Locks of renowned, German manufacturers - KFV and GU, make the doors will serve for decades.

We offer many types of multi-point locks, from the simplest three- and four-points, to locks fitted with anti-theft hooks, rigid chains, to end with electric self-locking ones which give the possibility of Keyless opening by fingerprint reader, digital code or application for smartphone. All the locks we use are of theft resistance class C, which combined with high-class cylinders and door plates and handles ensure the highest level of security.

Of course, the doors can be equipped with reed switches communicated with the alarm system or other smart home systems..


The best hinges on the market

For our doors we use the best hinges on the market of Simonswerk brand. They guarantee reliability, silent operation and very good control in any sash position with a weight of up to up to 200 kg. It is also possible to use Tectus ® concealed hinges.

Customized look

The door can be complemented with interesting decorative elements. They may be modern inserts of brushed stainless steel (inox) or aluminium. We also offer classic bands, wood carved ornaments, decorative battens or decorative filling elements (panels). The surfaces of panel doors can be also freely milled.

We use the top and side illumination as well as different combinations of glazing, ornamental and stained glass packets. Also customisation of jambs or ornamental elements as in the case of stylized windows is possible.

Comfortable hand-rails and handles

Classic models

Classic models, often with elaborate carvings, mouldings and carved details on the frames, are the domain of the doors completely made of wood. Customers who expect doors matched to the modern form of the building can choose or design* somewhat simpler shape and give it contemporary style through appropriate wood colouring.

*Design also means an example picture or even a freehand drawing

Modern models

With modern designs, both entirely wooden doors and wood-aluminium work well. If their outer side is made of wood, they look very solid and add warmth to the simple design. While aluminium further emphasizes the modern style of doors and buildings.

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