Internal doors

Internal doors play a key role in the ultimate home décor and have a great impact on the comfort of residents. When choosing one, we should be guided not only by its appearance but also by its design and material it is made of. For years wood has been the most valued material for the manufacture of interior doors.

Castello door collection is the embodiment of elegance of wood exposed in classic and modern designs. We believe that it will allow you to create a really beautiful interior. We also recommend making a door according to your individual project or to a model presented by you.

Particularly good results can be achieved by fitting in the whole house or on the same floor the door of the same type, in the same colours and layout, differing only in details.
Depending on the type of room in which they are installed, additional lighting may be necessary, which can be realised with the glazing. On the other hand, a solid door which, for example, better suppresses noise, will allow you to work comfortably in your own study, or your child to sleep restfully while you are having an evening meeting with your friends.


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