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The door structure is made of an outer wooden frame and cross profiles, the number of which depends on the shape of the door. The spaces between the frame and the cross slats are filled with wood-based panels or other decorative details as well as an acoustic insulator. The whole is covered with a selected wood veneer.


Cut to measure

Each door is tailor-made to your order. It can be complemented by specific decorating details and classic finishing touches as well as the elements designed by you. We also produce their double leaf versions. This allows us to give the door even more pronounced character.


To the elegant, wooden door leaf, equally elegant, modern, or even avant-garde handles can be matched.
Along with top-quality hinges, they complement it and make the use of the door is pleasant and comfortable.

High class hardware

We use the hardware of the best German manufacturers. Hinges Simonswerk, for non-rebated doors we use a special Tectus® hinge, known as concealed, hidden when door is closed. For peace and comfort we use KFV magnetic lock where a traditional door "tongue" was eliminated and replaced by a magnetic latch. As a result, you can close the door quietly and with unprecedented ease.

Westminster collection

This classic in its form and design door is a great choice for contemporary-style interiors. They defend themselves in a variety of styles, always adding an elegant touch. Their timeless form, combined with the quality of wood, makes them very prestigious choice.

Covent Garden collection

We apply finishing touches and refine the surface of the door of this collection in a special way. This allows us to achieve an extremely attractive effect of aged wood. This original form proves itself, among others, in the interiors decorated in a Provencal style. An interesting effect is achieved also in modern industrial interior, as a contrasting element of the décor and in typical classic ones when we want to achieve the effect of cosiness.

Greenwich collection

Characterised by delicate milling and simple veneer fillings made of wood or ornamented glass.

Royal Hotel collection

ROYAL HOTEL collection has been created for public buildings such as hotels, boarding houses and offices. Its distinctive feature is austere elegance and a homogeneous form.

Natural veneer leaves

Natural veneer leaves allow you to achieve the desired effect of colouring and graining of wood and the adequate door strength at a lower price. The door structure may be made of wood that features optimum strength properties, and the veneer ensures a desired visual effect and durability. This is also an eco-friendly solution as it allows the use of locally harvested wood.

Veneers of appropriate quality combined with good quality varnish give the optimum strength of interior doors. For the production we use natural veneers, i.e. slices of wood for years used as a blank for the manufacture of wooden furniture and modified veneers where sliced woody material is coloured and glued into blocks. Then, it is cut into veneer sheets; the technology of which makes it possible to achieve unique natural grain and wood colouring effect.

Below, examples of various kinds of veneers. Of course, customized colours are also available on request.

For questions

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