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For hotels and buildings with fireproof partitions, we offer the doors of Firesmoke series available in two standards: Firesmoke 30 - certified, meeting EI30 standard and Firesmoke 60 - certified, meeting EI60 standard.

The doors are based on the construction of fire-resistant boards, equipped with appropriate hardware and thermal expansion seals. Each door is labelled with a special sheet, informing about its compliance with the standards of a given product.

Aesthetics and the highest standard

Aesthetics and the highest standard

The Firesmoke door system meets all fire protection standards, while preserving aesthetics and elegance. When ordering with us, you can choose any wood graining and colours. Keep the classic look, or choose modern trends. Therefore, our product is well suited for hotels where aesthetic requirements stand at the highest level.

On request, we use the appropriate digital locks or room numbering in a variety of forms.

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